For over forty years Kirby Home Security has built a solid reputation for keeping buildings secure, protecting property and people . Four decades on, we are still an independent business that operates with good old fashioned values with a strong emphasis on personal service with coverage throughout the UK with locations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield and Glasgow.

We embrace new technology, whether wireless burglar alarms or traditional wired intruder alarms, Kirby Home Security lead the way in quality standards and service delivery. This means we are able to connect and secure your home like never before. Using Home Security cloud technology we can enable personal monitoring, remote CCTV connectivity and energy management integration to name just a few. We work closely with all the leading equipment manufacturers and only use the best quality components in our security systems.

Get 'more' from your Security / Alarm System

A home security system can be used and adapted in many different ways to provide protection for vulnerable or elderly relatives, to protect your home from burglary, fire and flood and to keep a watchful eye on valuables and pets. We can offer a Bells Only Intruder Alarm System, Key holder 24hr monitored Burglar Alarm or 24hr monitored Police Response Security Alarm System.

If you would like us to tailor a Security Alarm solution whether a hard intruder alarm system or a wireless burglar alarm to your home, just click the quote button above for a FREE no obligation estimate.

Kirby Home Security is also NSI Gold member. The Gold level holds the greatest perceived value across industry and by the Police, Fire & Rescue services and insurers.

Our Home Security Systems are Guaranteed throughout the whole life of the system, whilst ever you are a Kirby Home Security System Customer and have a service agreement with us.

We know from experience that ‘off-the-shelf’ security solutions do not suit every home owner, so we take great care to design bespoke systems that can grow and develop to match your changing needs. If you are moving home, require a new home security system, requiring your existing burglar alarm to be taken over and serviced or looking for advice. Whatever your needs we will work with you to create the perfect security solution for your home and family.

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Burglar Alarms & Intruder Systems

We can adopt / Take Over most intruder alarm / Burglar Alarm Systems whilst also offering a full health check and maintenance package. The Home Office details in a report that as a deterrent, having a Home Security system / Burglar Alarm installed is as high as 84% and is the main situational factors as a deterrent for a would be intruder / burglar. The presence of a CCTV System is also equally as high at 82%, The situational cue most strongly linked with an offender’s decision to burgle a particular property, was whether there were plenty of goods inside worth taking. Other factors typically rated as of at least some importance were also: ” absence of alarms, CCTV and other cameras”.

For more information and an informal discussion please call us on 0800 298 3771 or chat online with a Kirby Advisor.

Detect, Protect, Connect - These three words categorise everything we do. They are our ‘stripes’ that have been earned over four decades serving the people of Yorkshire and throughout the UK, and we wear them with pride.

Whatever your needs we will work with you to create the perfect security solution for your home and family. Learn more >>

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We've partnered with Cloudview to provide CCTV products that are Secured by Design, a standard developed by UK wide Police forces.

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