Innovative Kirby detection systems to safeguard your home

Intruder Alarms

Video Demonstration

Risco Agility3. A good example of how a wireless home security system can benefit your home

We have an intruder detection and alarm system that will precisely match your needs. We will tailor a cloud based solution that will allow you to:

  • Check and set the system remotely; no more worrying about whether you remembered to set the system, just sit back and enjoy the show.

  • Be the first to know when there is an activation directly to you phone; no more worrying about whether your neighbours are around to respond.

  • Is it an intruder or a teenage child who as forgotten to deactivate the alarm; visually check your home with the help of your smartphone.

  • Check up on elderly relative or family pet; cameras embedded into the detectors will allow you look in.

  • Save £££'s from water damage by linking flood detectors to your system.

  • Protect your home from fire by adding Smoke and Fire detectors.

  • Click Here   for more information about smart alarm systems and the benefits they bring..

For more information about intruder alarms call us on 0800 2983771 or chat online with a Kirby Adviser.


Video Demonstration

See how a Cloud based CCTV with remote monitoring can benefit your home security system

With Home CCTV you move to the next level of detection and indeed prevention. We can provide a range of solutions from fixed wired cameras linked to your home dvd recorder through to our cloud based live video monitoring.

All our cameras have motion sensors so that they only record when there is a possible intruder on your property. If you choose our cloud services packages you can monitor your CCTV remotely in addition to receiving alerts when there is an intruder.

We've partnered with Cloudview to provide CCTV products that are Secured by Design, a standard developed by UK wide Police forces.

For more information on Home CCTV
call us on 0800 2983771 or chat online with a Kirby Adviser.

Our CCTV products are accredited by UK Police forces

Flood Alarms

Today, the risk of flood is greater than ever before, the longer it goes unnoticed the worse the damage will be.

We can provide flood alarms to alert you to flooding arising from:

  • Bad weather

  • Blocked drains

  • Overflowing baths and wash basins

  • Burst pipes

For more information on flood alarms
call us on 0800 2983771 or chat online with a Kirby Adviser.

Flood alarms can alert you in time to prevent major damage to your home

Personal Alarms

For peace of mind for you and your elderly relatives we can provide a simple solution and give you confidence that in the event of a problem help can be summoned.

Water resistant wristbands and panic buttons available for the elderly that can alert you in case of emergency or lack of movement.

For more information on personal alarms
call us on 0800 2983771 or chat online with a Kirby Adviser.

Peace of mind knowing your elderly relatives can alert you in the event of an accident or fall

Detect, Protect, Connect - These three words categorise everything we do. They are our ‘stripes’ that have been earned over four decades serving the people of Yorkshire and throughout the UK, and we wear them with pride.

Whatever your needs we will work with you to create the perfect security solution for your home and family. Learn more >>

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